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i was born in kyoto to my american mother, who didn't know she wanted to be japanese until a fated detour took her there, and my japanese father, whose favorite travel story involves being robbed during his first solo trip to new york. seeing things from an unexpected angle is second nature to me- i speak two languages, and find that a change in surroundings inspires me most, but i love that i still live where i grew up, in portland, ore.

perhaps it's my japanese roots, but i've always found a sense of zen in perfecting the details. i've put the finishing touch on wardrobe in tv, movie, and commercial production, and i've added delicate details to sets, food, and props during my four year stint in (#)agency life at swift.  in my view, the fulfillment of the big picture depends on the small stuff: i love bringing a vision to life by making sure every element is right. 

that perfect balance of concept and design is where the harmony happens. beyond formula, outside the box, it’s the spirit of creative possibility that turns an idea into a crystal clear image. 

i'm a visual person. check out more of what i'm into here: 



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